What are the average cinema ticket prices

for live and recorded broadcasts?


This category of content is widely known as 'event cinema'. In order to calculate the probability of making a return on investment in satellite hardware, cinema owners will benefit from knowing the facts about 'event cinema' ticket pricing.


A professionally researched statistical report concerning the average cinema ticket price in the UK was undertaken during 2016 by the money-saving website voucherbox


However, it is very important to make a distinction between the average cinema ticket price for standard 2D films and the average cinema ticket price for 'event cinema'. The former does not apply to the latter. 


Ticket prices above the average ticket price for standard 2D films are commanded by 'event cinema' screenings. Exhibitors new to this category of content can educate themselves by checking some, or all, of the cinema websites where 'event cinema' programmes are screened.  


You may also find a number of well researched studies published online which help explain the economics of 'event cinema', reported to be worth around $23 million in the UK alone and forecast to generate $1 billion globally by 2019. 


If you are an exhibitor and have not yet embraced this rapidly growing market sector, please feel free to make contact to discuss how we can help you.


Beyond equipment supply and technical support, we can also put you in touch with 'event cinema' distributors as well as notify you about 'event cinema' content which Quantum Digital itself may offer from time to time.