In September 2015 we provided live language translation to enable the red carpet interviews conducted during  the UK film premiere of The Martian to be broadcast to Italy in the Italian language, in real time.  This service is simple to coordinate, scaleable and highly cost-effective, providing foreign cinema audiences with the added value of being able to enjoy audio feeds originating in the English-lanaguage in their native tongue. 


Whenever we film and broadcast a special event live to cinemas via satellite, the following cost model can apply for professional translators to be provided and integrated within our OB set-up. Even if a broadcast is only reaching as few as ten foreign cinemas., in any given country, translation can cost as little as £40.00 per cinema. For the more typical scale of 20-50 foreign cinema locations, the cost-per-site can drop to as low as £8.00 per cinema. 


Typical translator fee: £400.00 + VAT per language 

One-time cost regardless of how many cinemas are participating per country


10 x cinemas       £40.00 per cinema

20 x cinemas:      £20.00 per cinema

50 x cinemas       £8.00 per cinema

100 x cinemas     £4.00 per cinema


Subject to Agreement